Speaking of Mike...

Apple loves the balance of energy and professionalism that Mike brings to its channel marketing initiatives.
Google appreciates how Mike turns cold-reads into an effortless, conversational read.
Oracle values Mike's capacity to motivate trade show participants, inspiring them to reinvent its modern customer experience.
Philips wanted to rouse its sales team, so it tapped Mike's energetic-yet-controlled razzle-dazzle to light the fire.

PBS needed Mike to release his unbridled enthusiasm to announce the launch of its new TV channel, PBS Kids 24/7, on over 100 stations nationwide—to kids and parents alike.
ExxonMobil values Mike's mastery of sounding both knowledgeable and approachable when explaining complicated energy topics.
BlueCross BlueShield trusts Mike's more intimate, one-on-one side to help people make informed healthcare decisions, as if they were talking to a trusted friend.

OtterBox needed an authentic narrator for a feature film showcasing its mobile phone cases, so Mike was cast to escort the audience through the story like the savvy tour guide that he is.

Mike is super positive, fun to work with, and a true professional. His preparation, creativity and quick adaptation to changing direction, script updates or surprise cold reads make every recording session enjoyable and valuable. Speak directly to your audience—and when you're talking about voice actors, make sure you're Speaking of Mike.


Male, Range: 20s–30s (Gen X, Gen Y)

Mike's wheelhouse is that friendly, conversational, approachable vibe. He also has that natural, relatable, guy-next-door feel that's helpful, trustworthy, fun, but full of personality, too—let's not forget we are human, after all! He's a young adult male who brings that authentic liveliness on command, but can also dial it back as needed for whatever project you have in mind.


Commercial: television, radio, promo

Narration: short feature films, explainer videos, industrial, educational, documentaries

Corporate: B2B, B2C, e-learning, training

IVR: phone trees, on hold, voicemails, etc.

Experimental/Research: text-to-speech (TTS) projects that require extensive cold-reading


Mike's professional home studio uses only industry-standard equipment—the same stuff used to record TV & radio commercials, even entire studio albums. Exceptional voice acting and fast turnaround of your broadcast-quality audio is the standard. Most projects are turned around in under 24 hours.

Tech specs for engineers:

• Mic: Neumann U87
• Mic Pre & Processor: UA Apollo Twin
• DAW: Adobe Audition
• Sound Isolation Booth

• Phone patch, Skype
• Source-Connect, ipDTL


Have a project or a question? Let's talk! Mike responds to most requests within hours. The more information you provide, the faster Mike can help you with whatever's on your plate.

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Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to serve you. Voice acting is my passion and my livelihood; I take each project as seriously as you do--no matter how large or how small.

— Mike


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